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RainPoint 1-Zone Smart WiFi Sprinkler Timer & WiFi Weather Station Hub Homgar App

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    RainPoint 1-Zone Smart WiFi Sprinkler Timer & WiFi Weather Station Hub Homgar App
    Smart Water Timer for Garden Irrigation
    Wi-Fi Weather Station
    WiFi Hose Timer
    two zone sprinkler system
    wifi water timer
    wifi water timer


    Easily add irrigation or misting plans to small lawn or gardenareas. Simply directly control your irrigation system andcheck data through smart phone app.

    Model NO. HWS388WRF & HCS666ARF & HTV103FRF

    Weather forecast

    Humidity & temperature




    Flow display

    RainPoint Newest Upgrade Irrigation System

    Self-developed Intuitive and Powerful HomGar App

    After 2 years of testing by a large number of customers who trust us, we have developed and launched the homgar series.

    (2.4 GHz only, not compatible with RainPoint App or other RainPoint series products)

    What are the enhancements to the Newest HomGar series?

    • Plug hub upgraded to wifi weather station hub
    • Indoor Outdoor temp/humidity, atmospheric pressure track and display
    • Enhanced weather perception
    • Improved app fluency and device response time
    • Intuitive Simple UI
    • soil moisture based watering plan ( Soil sensor not include)
    • Efficient communication protocols resolve connecting problems
    • Connect more devices and share with more family members
    • 1 × WiFi Weather Station Hub
    • 1 × WiFi Water Timer
    • 1 × Wireless Outdoor Sensor
    • 1 × User Manual
    • 1 × Quick Start Guide

    Easy To Program

    Simple and elegant App UI, specially designed for home garden managers without redundant complex content and cumbersome page switching.

    Every function is clear and programming is easy to understand, making it an ideal gift for a gardener dad.

    Safe and Durable

    Heavy-duty industrial-grade product withstand water pressures from 7.25 psi to 116 psi.

    The app records the device operation log and reminds you when the device is abnormal.

    You can also set soil moisture insurance, when the soil sensor (not include) detects the maximum moisture you set, the water timer will be forced to close. Don't worry about coming home to find your yard flooded.

    Enhanced weather perception

    Our weather station will collect the local temperature, humidity and air pressure to predict the weather, and compare it with the professional weather forecast received from the Internet.

    This ensures that our water timers can accurately aware the weather, allowing you to remotely decide whether to enable raindelay mode.

    7" Large Colorful Display

    Top LCD display with 178° wide viewing angles. Just giving it a glance, you can get clear accurate weather forecast, temperature and humidity even rolling or lying on the bed. Help you plan a nice day!

    It is very easy to hang on door side too, provides weather forecast every time before you going outside.

    Track Indoor Outdoor Temp and Humidity

    All sensor data will be recorded ( weather station has built-in sensor).

    3 min refresh and stay updated valuable data every 10 min. View temperature and humidity data up to 3 years! You can place outdoor sensor (not waterproof ) anywhere you like, such as baby room, nursery, cellar, basement, warehouse and greenhouse,etc.

    One Hub Pairs Up to 8 Sensors

    Our weather station hub can pair up to 8 sensors: 3 outdoor temperature and humidity sensor, 5 soil temperature and moisture sensors.

    This kit only include one outdoor sensor, please search HomGar for more devices!

    Share Control of Your HomGar Devices

    As the owner of a HomGar system, you can invite your families to control your devices, edit their permissions, and allow them to access your system from anywhere .

    Moreover, Device Repalcement Function can add new device with all settings copied from old one. Very easily to replace any HomGar device.