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RainPoint WiFi Water Tank Pump Timer, WiFi Automatic Watering System

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    Our wifi pump is the perfect tool to care for your plants,remotely control schedual and smart watering system toprevent watering-off or overwatering


    Working pressure 0.3bar

    Water flow rate 30L/H

    Powered by DC 5Vor 4 x AA batteries

    Working temperature 0℃ to 5oc (37F to 122F)

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    2 Ways To Charge

    2 Irrigation Modes

    Saves 70 % Water Than Conventional Spraying

    Working Principle

    Product Details

    With RainPoint APP, you can remotely manage multi-watering plans, notifications will be sent to APP when "Automatic" watering plans are active or pump is out of water. it's perfect to take care of your potted plants when busy with chores or away on vacation.
    NOTE: Only connect with 2.4GHz WiFi, for dual-band router, please independently enable the 2.4GHz WiFi band and name it differently from the 5GHz WiFi band. Before pairing WiFi, make sure the USB cable is powered on.

    ·Build-in water pump for automatic watering
    ·Remote control via App
    ·No water alert
    ·No water tap needed
    ·Ready-to-use Set
    .Waters up to 20 plants
    ·Flexible micro-drip irrigation system
    ·Work together with water tank or buckets