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RainPoint Smart Irrigation Kit WiFi Weather Station Gateway With 3 Sensors Homgar App System

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    Connect with home router as the Wi-Fi hub, which works withoutdoor sensors to detect temperature and humidity and showon your phone.

    Model NO. HWS388WRF & HCS666ARF

    Weather forecast

    Humidity & temperature




    Flow display

    Weather Forecast

    Weather data from network, fast, efficient and vivid

    Wifi Weather Station

    Connect to outdoor thermo-hygrometer sensor ,monitor your outdoor environment to learn more about your life

    Connect To Your Phone

    As a weather station the user can view the environmental data through the screen, or light fingered the mobile phone to get all the data

    Four-level backlight brightness function

    Comfort level indication

    Always be aware of changes in your home

    Clear color LCD display

    The time, temperature and humidity for easy reading

    working principle

    Product Details

    Can connect with home router as the Wi-Fi hub, which works with IN&OUT sensors to establish smart home & garden watering system.

    To detect temperature and humidity for the outdoor environment.