RainPoint 8 Zone Smart Sprinkler Controller

RainPoint 8 Zone Smart Sprinkler Controller

Dear gardening lovers,

The secret weapon to welcome the full of green -- the intelligent Sprinkler Controller of RainPoint area 8, which is not only a tool, but also a considerate guardian of your dream of a beautiful garden. Imagine a worry-free and efficient watering partner, making your courtyard full of vitality and taking care of your water bill gently.

Easy to adapt and upgrade

Our elaborately designed intelligent controller follows the strict 24VAC standard, just like a master key, which is easily integrated into 99% of the existing sprinkler systems on the market. There is no need to worry about compatibility. It is only a simple step to enable your irrigation system to enter the era of intelligence.

Precise irrigation,The beauty of nature

The built-in local weather elf, makes every drop of water just right. In rainy days or frost, it will cleverly skip unnecessary watering cycles, while the humanized 24/48/72-hour delay option ensures the best nourishment of plants when needed. Look forward to it, your courtyard will be more vibrant because of this careful care!

No matter how big the world is you can control it freely

No matter where you are, with the help of the powerful 2.4GHz WiFi technology, RainPoint app is the Green remote control on your fingertips. You can easily adjust your irrigation plan when you take a nap in the office or take a vacation by the sea. Share control with family or property,Take care of the homeland together, record the warm moments of every watering, and witness the growth and change of the garden together.

Customized plan, beautiful because of you

Each corner has its own unique personality, RainPoint supports customized watering plans for 8 different areas. Whether it is the adjustment duration, startup time, or frequency,Do whatever you want. Do you want to quench thirst or give special care to plants immediately? The one-click quick watering function is on standby at any time, making love undelayed and management lively and interesting.

DIY installation, easy maintenance

Installation? It is simpler than planting flowers! We simplified the steps so that you can finish it in 15-30 minutes,There is no need for professional tools, and the wires are plugged in and closed. It is neat and beautiful, and it is easy to adjust in the future.

No fear of challenges, year-round protection

Even in the face of power outages or network fluctuations, the RainPoint is still as solid as a rock. The program memory function enables it to automatically continue to work after power recovery, and the small temper of the network cannot affect its accurate execution.Set it once, and then rest assured to give it to RainPoint. It will be your most reliable gardening guard.

Choosing RainPoint means choosing a future full of wisdom and warmth. Here, precision and simplicity coexist, and every heart can be transformed into the vibrant green miracle at home with a little effort.Come and hug RainPoint, let's add a touch of green to the beauty of life together!

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