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RainPoint Smart + Irrigation Display Hub Model No: HIS019

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The garden control hub is the core of the whole smart+ garden system. Afterconnecting the RainPoint smart + APP through the hub, you can check the dataand watering schedules of the connected water timers and sensors anywhere.anytime. which forms a complete ecosystem with all the sub-devices.

Wi-Fi Band: 2.4 GHz only,3* AA batteries (Not included).


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    RainPoint Smart + Irrigation Display Hub Model No: HIS019
    The Irrigation Display Gateway can be paired for use with all sub-units.
    Irrigation Display Hub Product Description
    Irrigation Display Gateway
    Irrigation Display Hub
    RainPoint Smart + Irrigation Display Hub Model No: HIS019
    RainPoint Homgar APP
    RainPoint Smart + Irrigation Display Hub
    Weather forecast

    Weather forecast

    RainPoint temperature & humidity

    temperature &

    RainPoint App controlled

    App controlled

    RainPoint Calendar


    RainPoint Plan Bypass

    Plan Bypass

    RainPoint irrigation water consumption

    irrigation water consumption

    Smarter And More Technological

    lt combines loT communication technology with independent algorithms to improve the product's communication efficiency and response speed,which also creates a "device replacement" function that synchronizes historical data to a new device, making it easy to change machines with a single click.

    Smarter and more technological

    Weather Forecast Function

    The weather forecast function can help you organise your life and activities in a way that improves your quality of life and ensures your safety and is a useful tool both in daily life and in special situations.

    Weather forecast function

    Sub-device Information Is Displayed On The Screen

    You don't have to pick up your mobile phone to get a clear picture of the data of the associated sub-devices on the display, such as indoor and outdoor temperature humidity,soil temperature and humidity, rainfall, flow meters, etc.,irrigation schedules, water consumption, etc.can be displayed.

    Sub-device information is displayed on the screen

    Working Principle

    Working principle

    What In Box

    What in box

    Control From Anywhere

    Control from anywhere