Planting November Crops-Will it Grow?

Planting November Crops-Will it Grow?

Is it possible to plant crops this late in the year? For the warmer regions of the country, the answer is-YES! There are still plenty of crops you can plant in November. Knowing the planting zone that you live in will be a good place to start. Check which planting zone you live in to determine which plants will thrive in cooler temperatures and which one won’t. Here are a couple of suggestions of plants you may be able to plant this November.


This is a perfect high yielding crop to plant in November. While you won’t be able to harvest until the end of spring and mid-summer, this crop is usually one of the first to spring from the earth. Garlic is an essential food for cooking. We use it for flavoring and for natural medicine. Plus, it is PACKED with vitamins and nutrients. The best time to plant garlic is right before the ground freezes.

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If you live in a warmer region, leeks are a good choice to plant. Start by planting the leeks in an indoor environment to give the plant a little bit of help getting started. A few weeks before the end of Spring Frost, you can move them outside and they will do well. Plenty of sunlight is key for survival, and make sure you water them frequently.


Spinach is another super food that does well in the cooler seasons. Simply plant in the soil once the heat of summer has passed and you will have plenty of greens to harvest. Water them regularly and add a layer of mulch for extra support. Once your plant sprouts up, feel free to harvest them and put it into your favorite smoothie.

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 Mustard Greens

Thankfully, Mustard Greens can stand a little bit cooler temperatures than the other plants listed so far. They can handle light amounts of frost, and so long as you keep a steady amount of water coming in, these plants are going to sprout FAST.

 Gilly Weed

Gilly weed is not a very common plant to grow, mainly because it is a plant that grows best underwater (very similar to seaweed). This salt water plant can withstand very cold temperatures and has medicinal purposes. The plant thrives well in low levels of sunlight and requires little maintenance. Be sure to consult your local nursery for best harvest practices.


Kale is best grown in cooler temperatures, primarily for the flavor. When exposed to cooler temperatures and less sunlight, the leaves won’t produce a bitter taste. That means you won’t have to fight and beg your kids to eat these leafy greens. Be sure to plant these crops 3 months before the first frost. You will know they are ready to harvest once they are about the size of your hand.

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Beets aren’t just the favored crop of a certain famous office worker (you know the guy…” bears…beats…Battlestar Galactica”), they are a favorite of anybody who has unpredictable weather! You can plant this crop in late fall and they are very hardy against freezing temperatures. Make sure you have fertile soil and a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight in a day.

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While fall and winter are known for being a time for the earth to rest from creating its produce, you can still find little pockets of places and time to plant a small something for you and your family to grow. Remember to do the research and gather supplies before you break ground, and you will be successful in your endeavors.

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