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This new hose timer is awesome! Pretty simple to get setup and connected. I like the display even though it’s a bit unnecessary with the app. I have been able to water all of my new trees without having to pay any attention to them, I’ve just set up my watering schedule and forgot all about it! Super convenient.

Jared G

I have used Rainpoint for 2 years and find the the newest models are very easy to set and and configure. Using the new Soil Sensors is much improved over previous versions. You can now set a specific soil moisture level above which irrigation will not run, which is easier than how to do it in previous versions.

Sarah Minto

Great value for the money. I set it up to water about 9 indoor plants along with some grow lights and it works great. It was easy to set up and use. The app allows you to adjust and configure the irrigation schedules with ease.

Eric G

This worked great and better as anticipated. I needed it to water my garden and my lawn for both my front and backyards. I like the fact that you can set the day the time and the number of minutes you want the sprinkler to go on and off. It was very easy to set up, which I really liked.

Paul B.

The wifi setup was a bit unusual as it wouldn't connect. After a couple times i got it connected and it worked like a charm. I ordered this timer as it had wifi, so wasn't really sure what to expect. It works GREAT!!! I have already ordered another one for another tap. You won't be disappointed.

Kenneth Seiferling

I like the different modes available. Also I like that the hoses attach directly to the timer, instead of to separate gate valves (that eventually malfunction). Above all though, is the 3 year warranty!!


I've had the sprinkler for about 10 days now. It works very consistently and I appreciate the quality build. It is a heavier controller and comes with a built-in support beam which should be installed as part of the initial setup.

Stuart Clarry

Product works well, but I confess I was expecting it to use the same app as the other RainPoint devices (the yellow ones). These use the RainPoint "Smart" app so I need both apps to run the two types of controller.


I no longer worry about wasting water on rainy days when I’m traveling. I’ve used this timer for close to two weeks and I’m liking it.



Looking for irrigation timers and accessories? Visit RainPoint to find a wide range of lawn and garden products.
The full range of RainPoint Smart+ garden irrigation systems can be linked and controlled. With a mobile app you can fully monitor your environment and set your garden watering schedule, so you can change your schedule at any time and place you want.

The watering series integrates WiFi version, Bluetooth version and manual version, which can meet your multiple operation needs. Of course, no matter which series it is, the ultimate goal of simplifying management tasks and saving water will be achieved!

To make the most of your water resources, take advantage of the timer's ability to water over time, and use it with a drip irrigation hose to deliver water slowly to the roots of your plants, greatly reducing water loss while promoting plant health.
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