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Save Water

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2.2 billion

People Globally (30% of the world's population) Lack safe water at home

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206 million

People spend more than 30 minutes per round trip collecting water

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144 million

People drink water directly from a river,dam,lake,pond,stream,canal,or,irrigation canal

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1.98 billion

People globally do not have basic water services

attheir health care facility.

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17 million women

In least developed countries give birth in healthcare facilities with inadequate water, sanitation,and hygiene every year.

WORLD WATER DAY - 22 MARCH 2023 ACCELERATING CHANGEThis World Water Day is about accelerating change to solve the water and sanitation crisisAnd because water affects us all, we need evervone to take actionThat means you!

How we can save water together

Our mission is to create more water efficient gardening tools for gardeners, helping to save water while creating more possibilities to simplify your gardening efforts.

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Saving water in the garden

Saving water can be simple by making a few small changes, you could be more water-wise in the garden.

The irrigation display center presents all data about your garden in great detail.

Ideal for irrigating multiple areas, with different irrigation schedules based on water usage/time of day.

Works with a watering timer to start or shut off irrigation schedules based on soil moisture.

Professional rainfall data monitoring is accurate to 0.1 mm.

RainPoint is committed to saving water,but more than water saving

Water-saving tips for gardeners

1.U.S. Drought Monitor

November 9, 2023      

How is drought affecting you?

2. Saving Water, Saving Lives

Water is a basic necessity of life, and it may seem inconceivable to imagine living without it.

3.Understanding the Importance of Water Conservation

JUL 14TH 2023

Water scarcity is a global issue.

SEPTEMBER 15, 2023

How we use water.

Top ten water saving tips.

10 ways to save water at home.