“Water scarcity affects more than 40 per cent of the global population and is projected to rise.Over 1.7 billion peopleare currently living in river basins where water use exceeds recharge.”

Water Action Decade, 2018-2028: Averting a global water crisis

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According to the UN assessment report, due to global warming, extreme weather events such as heavy rainfal, abnormally high temperatures, and persistent droughts are intensifying, and the frequency of such events are expected to continue to grow in the future

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In 2022, various countries around the world have broken historical heat records, and droughts of varying degrees have occurred in Asia Europe, Africa, and the Americas.

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Global temperatures

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Drought in Africa

Data from the U.S. Drought Monitoring Program showsthat more than 50 % of the nation is experiencing varyingdegrees of drought.

Lake Mead, the nation's largest reservoir, is at a recordlow. Over 1,200 wells in California are depleted, a 57% in-crease of depleted wells from last year. The Mississippi Ri-ver's declining water levels have led to disruptions in theriver's transportation routes and the South WesternUnited States has seen the most extreme drought condi-tions in 1,200 years

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More than 50% of the United States

The water crisis has prompted many governments to issue strict water restriction policies, with the state of California severely limiting lawnwatering, resulting in an 18% drop in residential water use compared to previous years. Some residents are restricted to one day a week foroutdoor activities such as irrigating lawns and washing cars, with the goal of cutting water use by 35%.

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Which nearly 9 billion gallons (30%) is used outdoorsprimarily for watering lawns and gardens.In hot sum-mers or dry climates, a household can use up to 70% ofits outdoor water, but 50% of irrigation water is not fullyutilized due to evaporation, wind, or inefficient irrigation.

As a gardening enthusiast,Lily has always been committed to environmentally friendly processes. She has developed a strict water scheduleand continues to adiust her watering based on season, weather, and other factors. Lily has saved over 63,000 gallons of water over the pastten years. That is enough for a family of four to live off of for 16 years. lf every gardener can adhere to scientific irrigation like Llily, familiesacross the world would no longer suffer from water scarcity.

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Do ordinary people need to follow Lily's highly specializedschedule to achieve reasonable garden management? Sur-prisingly, no! RainPoint intelligent management systemspecializes in water saving, using your internet connectionsand specially designed software to do all the calculatingwater adjustments for you.

RainPoint intelligent WiFi sprinkler controller can be linkedwith the soil moisture sensor, which will monitor real-timechanges in soil moisture. When the soil moisture has rea-ched the set standard, the sprinkler controller will imme-diately close the valve. That means you will never be sub-ject to over watering ever again. Our smart series with soilmeter can save about 39% of water consumption in aweek.

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In addition, f you have different kinds of plants that havedifferent water requirements, the Rainpoint Smart WiFiDual Water Controller can divide the irrigation system intotwo zones according to the watering needs of each plant.and each expected setting of individual running time andfrequency will ensure that each plant gets the most suita-ble water.Maximize.

Water scarcity affects the whole planet. Even if you happento live in a region where water is bountiful, it doesn't meanit will stay that way forever. Rainpoint would like to helpyou manage your water so that you can slow the processof water scarcity in the hopes that we can end theworld-wide drought for good. Give our products a try, weguarantee you will see your home gardens thriving andyour water being used to its greatest potential.


Please send us words, pictures or videos related to water saving at media@rainpointonline.com. Your story is likely to lead to water conservation and a better future for nature.