Always care more for your garden



From the beginning of its establishment in 2017, Rainpoint has focused on water conservation and smart control as target areas and has done much research and development.

More than 100K+ Rainpoint products have been distributed into dozens of countries and on more than ten online platforms since being launched and selling in the market.

By analyzing a vast amount of feedback, Rainpoint foundout many ofthe pain points and customer needs, and keeps improving the products.

Smart Management

All the things that Rainpoint trying to do is following two basic concepts: “Control” and “Smart.” More water control means more water conservation; Less water waste and Less time waste.

Also, Rainpoint invests enormous resources in smart devices and remote control. Believing the trend of IoT, the goal of designing is to reach high precision, multiple functions, and more data collection.

Cares More

Based on thousands of customer scenario feedback, Rainpoint has provided multiple solutions for different customer needs.

For many gardens, yards, greenhouses, indoor rooms, Rainpoint can strongly support any of your irrigation and watering requirements with so many functional products. Environment monitoring is also within our sphere of competence with our sensors and weather stations.

New Choice

Under the help of global customer service team, Rainpoint is trustable to be your first choice to build great home or garden water system!

As the TOP 3 brand on Amazon garden timer list, Rainpoint is becoming a new trend for garden irrigation build-up, and we are always ready to help on the garden watering.