The RainPoint Brand Story

Our mission is to create more water efficient gardening tools for gardeners, helping to save water while creating more possibilities to simplify your gardening efforts.

save up to 50% water

Traditional household watering is difficult to track and can result in water waste. The RainPoint Digital Sprinkler Timer series focuses on "streamlining water use". It is a timer with individual valves that automatically waters plants on a schedule and allows you to manually delay watering in case of rain. You can easily control the time and frequency of your water use. Compared to manual watering, you can save up to 50% water with our digital sprinkler timer and make your watering job easy and simple.

The RainPoint WiFi Water Timer series allows you to control your watering anytime, anywhere with the RainPoint APP. The timers have a built-in water flow meter that allows you to not only set up a time-based watering schedule, but also specify how much water to use per watering and end watering when it reaches a specified gallon. RainPoint's exclusive weather technology also allows the timers to automatically skip unnecessary watering, such as automatic rain delays, freeze weather delays, and more. If you equip the timer with a WiFi soil sensor, it will water more accurately based on the detected soil temperature and humidity data, watering only the water your plants need. Compared to the Digital Sprinkler Timer Series, this series offers another 15% or more improvement in water savings.

15% or more improvement in water savings.
RainPoint is committed to saving water, but more than water saving!

And the RainPoint Smart+ series is the master of garden irrigation with the new Homgar APP and unique cloud technology that allows all your watering devices to be connected in the cloud, creating a crossover smart home irrigation system for you.

RainPoint is committed to saving water, but more than water saving!