The Fantastic Journey of cultivating large watermelon containers

The Fantastic Journey of cultivating large watermelon containers

Dear gardening friends, imagine that you can plant sweet and juicy watermelons on your own balcony or in a small yard. Do you feel that you have a great sense of accomplishment? Today, let's explore step by step how to cultivate those amazing watermelon treasures in containers hand in hand!


1.Why do you choose to plant watermelons? What other varieties recommend?

First of all, planting watermelon is not only for the final sweet fruit, but also a wonderful journey from seed to harvest. It can bring a touch of fresh green to our life, and it can also become the most natural best product for relieving summer heat in hot Xia Rili.For varieties, try "Black Beauty" or "precocious honey treasure". They are not only adaptable, but also especially suitable for growing in containers!


2.How to sow our watermelon dream?

Before starting, remember to choose a small Sunny Corner, soak watermelon seeds in warm water for several hours in advance, and then gently bury them in wet soil.Just like treating newborn babies, give enough care and patience.


3.pot: The choice of containers is particular

Find a large and deep container to ensure that the watermelon root system has enough space to stretch freely. Plastic buckets, wooden cases and even large pottery pots are all good choices. Remember to have a drain hole at the bottom,Let the extra water escape!

4.What soil can be used to make watermelons smile?

Watermelon likes loose, fertile and well-drained soil. Mix some leaf soil, perlite and organic fertilizer to create a comfortable home for your baby watermelon.

5.Warm moments of transplanting seedlings 

When the seedlings grow to several true leaves,Move them carefully to the prepared container and move gently, just like taking care of your precious books when moving.


6.Spread the root protection to give the watermelon a fresh nest

Spread a thick layer of root protection, such as straw or sawdust, which can not only maintain soil humidity, but also inhibit weeds,Make the growing environment of watermelon cleaner and more comfortable.


7.Light and location, watermelon's happy password

Watermelons are loyal fans of the Sun, ensuring that they can enjoy at least 6 hours of sunshine bath every day. South balcony or yard is the most ideal planting place.


8.The art of making watermelons climb

If the space is limited,Try to use a solid frame to guide the watermelon vine to climb upward, which not only saves space, but also can see the interesting scene of watermelon hanging.


9.appropriate trimming art

Prune some weak or too dense branches and leaves timely to help watermelon concentrate on producing better fruits. Every pruning is an elaborate carving of watermelons.


10.fertilizer: Supplement Nutrition and help growth

As watermelons grow up, they are given "extra meals" regularly-applying appropriate amount of organic fertilizer, just like growing nutritious meals for children.


11.Carefully selected, each one is a treasure

Observe the growth of watermelon,Remove too many melons or buds when necessary to ensure that the remaining watermelons can fully absorb nutrients and grow big and sweet. support and secure growth

Hold the ripe watermelons gently with a soft Net pocket to prevent them from breaking due to too much weight, which is a careful care for the fruits to be ripe.


13.Identify mature signals and enjoy the joy of harvest

Knocking on watermelons, listening to the crisp echo; Observing the color changes of vines are all mature secrets that nature tells us. In the harvest season, don't forget to invite your relatives and friends to share the sweetness cultivated by you!


14.To meet challenges,Let's cheer together

It is normal to encounter problems in the planting process. Whether it is plant diseases or insect pests or slow growth, remember to find out the causes in time and take measures. We can always find a solution. Remember, every step is worth celebrating, because you are learning and growing.


Now, take this guide to start your watermelon planting adventure!May every effort bear sweet fruits and make this summer unusual because of your small vegetable garden.👩‍🌾🌞

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