The Wonderful Benefits of Smart Irrigation Systems

The Wonderful Benefits of Smart Irrigation Systems


Since 2000, the number and duration of global drought occurrences have increased by 29%. California has suffered the driest three years in history and over 97% of the state is in severe drought. Water conservation is the responsibility and obligation of everyone especially governing entities.

Landscape irrigation water accounts for more than 70% of our water consumption, but the effective utilization rate of irrigation water is only 54%, so it is urgent to promote intelligent irrigation systems to improve water utilization and alleviate the problem of increasing water stress. 

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What Is An Intelligent Irrigation System

An intelligent irrigation system is composed of a controller, sensor, background cloud service monitoring system, water supply system, and more. It is an efficient and low-consumption irrigation mode that uses modern technology to automatically sense irrigation demands and executes automatic sprinklers and micro irrigation systems without manual monitoring.

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 Main Products Of Intelligent Irrigation System


A courtyard garden is generally an artificial ecological community made up of a combination of trees, shrubs, flowers, lawns and other plants. The growth habits and irrigation methods of different plants are very different. So choose a different irrigator.To water your lawn, the best nozzle to choose is a scattering nozzle. For flower beds or shrub areas, choose an adjustable micro spray or buried shrub nozzle. If you still aren't sure which nozzle is best for you, your local nursery can give you lots of great advice.

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 2. Control Timer

The controller is the brain of the irrigation system. The built-in valve for liquid pipeline switch control can accurately control the amount of water used for your garden. Using the Rainpoint Smart WiFi Sprinkler Timer or the Smart WiFi 2-Zone Sprinkler Timer are two great options to choose from! These two have automatic and manual dual control modes which means you can easily switch between automatic or manual watering according to your needs. It also has a rain delay function which means you won't over water in the event of a sudden rainfall.

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 3. Soil Moisture Sensor

The soil moisture sensor can penetrate 2 inches below the soil surface to collect the moisture content of plants. The collected data can assist you to carry out more accurate irrigation measures.

 It can preset the critical value of water when connected to the control time.It will notify the controller to stop the irrigation program when the humidity reaches the effective range.When the humidity is below the threshold value, it will send a water shortage warning like the administrator, and the controller will also receive the instruction to open the valve at the same time, which can precisely control the water quantity.

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The Advantages Of Intelligent Irrigation System 

1. Water Saving

Traditional irrigation methods often use large amounts of water or use manual watering, which has a low water use rate. In addition, excessive irrigation or insufficient irrigation can adversely affect the normal growth of plants and, in serious cases, lead to soil deterioration.

The introduction of intelligent irrigation systems into the garden landscape can more accurately forsee environmental temperature, humidity, light intensity, soil moisture and other data. Real-time monitoring can determine the most suitable water threshold. All this combined with a drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, and other irrigation methods, can save your home at least 50% of the water you would normally use.

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2. Intelligent Control

This unit controls the specific time of watering, duration, and watering intervals. Once the schedule is preset, the controller will run in a cycle according to a constant monthly, weekly, and daily schedule.

Sensors will monitor the weather information succh as outdoor temperature, atmospheric humidity, and soil humidity in real time and transmit it to the controller., The controller will fine-tune the watering volume according to the data pre-set by the user and control the start and end time of irrigation.

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3. Improve Management Efficiency

This intelligent irrigation system can view real-time weather, working status, watering plan, watering history, and through the RainPoint app. Home owners and gardeners can rely on RainPoint app for centralized control, adjusting irrigation plans, and other needs for your garden. This will save you lots of time and money as you take advantage of this easy-to-use app.

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4. AutomaticWarning

According to the water limits set by the manager, the sensor will collect the data and upload it to the terminal in real time, and send an alert to remind the manager to deal with it in time.


 Although the intelligent irrigation system can largely reduce the management burden, it is still necessary to adjust the irrigation program in time to meet the growth needs of different plants with the least amount of water. RainPoint's intelligent irrigation system will make your life easier and more efficent when you use our products. To learn more information about the wonderful benefits of irrigation systems, you can read more at to learn.



Great article! Smart irrigation systems are truly a game-changer when it comes to water conservation. With the increasing occurrence of global droughts and severe water stress, it’s crucial that we find efficient ways to utilize water. Intelligent irrigation systems, with their automatic sensors and controllers, ensure precise watering based on real-time data, saving up to 50% of water compared to traditional methods. Additionally, the ability to remotely control and monitor the system through apps like RainPoint makes management easier and more efficient. Let’s embrace these innovative solutions and contribute to a sustainable future! sprinkler repair

Elina Brooks
Elina Brooks

I’m glad you told us about smart irrigation systems and how they can help us with water conservation since they have real-time monitoring that will determine the most suitable water threshold for our lawn. I want to maintain a beautiful front lawn effortlessly, so I considered getting an irrigation system set up to help water the grass regularly. I’ll keep this in mind while I look for a landscaping company to contact about irrigation services soon.

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