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RainPoint IK10P Irrigation Pump Timer, Automatic Watering System for Potted Plants

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    IK10P is a potted plant automatic watering product, which can regularly and quantitatively replenish water for the plants.


    Working pressure 0.3bar

    Water flow rate 30L/H

    Powered by DC 5V or 4 x AA batteries

    Working temperature 0℃ to 50'℃(37F to 122F)

    Product package content

    2 Ways To Charge

    Going on Vacation Without Worry

    Saves 70%Water Than Conventional Spraying

    Working Principle

    Product Details

    Build-in water pump for automatic watering
    No water alert
    No water tap needed
    Ready-to-use set
    Waters up to 20 plants
    Flexible micro-drip irrigation system
    Work together with water tank or buckets