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Pre-purchase Notes -Order Cancellation Request

Please kindly contact us through Amazon or support@rainpointonline.com within one day after placing order if you want to cancel order. Otherwise, this order can’t be canceled if it is shipped out.

Where are Rainpoint products shipping from?

We have multiple distribution centers across USA to ship our products to make sure the on time delivery.

Has my package shipped out?

Order from Amazon: You can track your order and deliveries from Your Orders on Amazon.com or the Amazon Mobile Shopping app.

Order from rainpointonline.com: You will receive an email confirmation with your tracking number once your order has shipped from our warehouse. If you didn't receive this email, check your spam or junk email folders or contact us by email at support@rainpointonline.com. You can also view tracking numbers once your order has shipped by logging into your customer account.

Order from Other platforms:You can track your order and delivery from the app in the shopping platform you have purchased from.

My order has not arrived yet?

We are sorry to hear that you have not received your order yet.

Please ensure you have checked the following:

  1. Check the order tracking status.
  2. Check with neighbouring properties to see if it may have been delivered to the wrong address by accident.

On occasions orders can take much longer than the quoted delivery time frame to arrive. International deliveries, in extreme case, can take up to six weeks longer than quoted depending on the local postal service.

If you have checked the above and still have not received your order please submit a support request and our team will chase it up for you.

How to process a return and refund?

Please feel free to contact us : support@rainpointonline.com. Our customer service representative will contact you within 24 hours.

Water Timer

For the first time to use, the water won't stop even when the timer is off,what should i do?

That's because we do water testing for every single valve when manufactured. After a period time of shipping and storage, the water in the valves has been evaporated, and silicone diaphragms inside the valves are stick together.
Please manually turn on and turn off the valve (long press OK button for 5 seconds) for 7-10 times, then the device will get everything back to normal.
If you still have trouble with water shut-off or other issues, please contact me at support@rainpointonline.com directly and we will try our best to solve your problem.

Do I need to reset the program after open the mode for rain delay ?

When you turn on the rain delay feature, it will automatically resume to your original schedule at the next 12:00 AM, so you don't need to set the schedule again.

No screen display

The life of the product will be affected by strong direct sunlight and it is recommended to avoid exposure to sunlight when using the product.

Inlet leakage

1. Check that the filter is installed in the correct position
2. Check that the seal is installed in the correct position
3. Check that the threads are not damaged
4. whether the thread pattern of the water inlet of the device and the tap match

Short battery life

Are advised to use the battery cover tightly and vertically to prevent water leakage.

Unable to connect on first use (Bluetooth Soil - Mobile)

To restore the device to factory settings, proceed as follows.
Press and hold the configuration key to power up, wait for the red indicator light to flash 3 times and then release the white indicator light to quickly flash again to complete the restoration of the factory settings.

Keep the phone as close as possible to the device when connecting it or setting up programs

Loss of connection after a period of use (Bluetooth soil - mobile phone)

Place your phone close to the Bluetooth irrigation timing valve and open the Rainpoint family page to wait.

Soil sensor cannot be connected

Open the APP sensor page, click on the soil sensor on the APP and make sure that the controller is already in the state of searching for soil. Then power up the soil sensor, at this point the soil will be reported directly to the controller as soon as it is powered up, if the controller searches for soil data, the connection is successful.

Loss of connection of the soil sensor after a period of use

Optimal connection distance between soil sensor and Bluetooth timer is within 60 metres

Plan not implemented on time

  1. The irrigation duration/period is not set and the scheme will not be switched on.
  2. After setting up the plan, you can view and confirm the plan is successfully set up on the plan page before exiting the app.
  3. Check the water inlet filter for blockage of impurities.
  4. The Bluetooth timer valve is linked to the soil sensor and the irrigation schedule will not be executed if the irrigation ban value (e.g. 20%) is set. If you want the schedule to be executed properly you can readjust the moisture prohibition value or move the soil to another dry location.
  5. Go to the schedule page and check if the rainfall delay parameter is set.

What is the maximum distance between Wi-Fi hub and timer set?

Optimal connection distance within 120 metres.


Gateway power supply issues

Always use an adapter for power supply.
The battery function is mainly for backup and is not used as the main power supply.

Inaccurate temperature and humidity readings

Usually a distance or
location issues, or excessive/insufficient battery power.

Outdoor transmitter draining fast

  1. Check outdoor sensors
    distance and obstruction between the outdoor sensor and the weather station.
  2. Check for battery leaks.
  3. Use alkaline batteries from a well-known brand.

Timing valve does not open properly after long periods of non-use

With water on, open and close the
the timing valve to restore normal use.


  1. Check the battery.
  2. Distance/obstruction can cause the transmitter/sub
    The connection between the device and the weather station gateway is broken.
  3. Adjust the weather station gateway towards
    to provide better reception.
  4. Try to restart the device and reconnect.

After a period of use, the water volume decreases

Please clean the strainer on the water inlet of the timer valve.

Device offline

  1. Check that the battery is fully charged or that the power supply is working properly.
  2. Poor network signal or too far from the router.

Soil sensor disconnected

Please adjust the position and height of the soil placement to reduce signal obstruction.


Leakage at the inlet or outlet

Push the pipe further to the end of the inlet or outlet, and if it is confirmed that the pipe has been pushed to the far end but is still leaking,please contact me at support@rainpointonline.com directly and we will try our best to solve your problem.

Excessive water output

  1. The water outlet line should be fitted with a drip line if possible to avoid excessive water discharge affecting plant growth.
  2. Try to locate the watering system at or above the bucket level

Water pump operates but no water comes out

Put your hand on the water inlet or pumping mouth of the pump, feel whether there is suction or blowing force, if so, shorten the stroke of the water pipe (i.e. the length of the water pipe connected to a shorter, lower height from the water). If water is still not available, please contact me at service@rainpointus.com directly and we will try our best to solve your problem.

Water pump is pumping but shows lack of water

  1. The water inlet does not have a filter head, which causes the pump to have a low operating current and the system reports a water shortage.
  2. The pump may be faulty and not sufficiently airtight, causing its operating current to be abnormal and the system to determine a lack of water.

Insufficient water pressure

  1. Do not use the appliance too far away from pots and containers.
  2. Do not have too many pots or plants, preferably around 10.
  3. Not too high or too low from the container containing the water.

No screen display

First confirm whether the manual can open the valve, if you can open the valve is the LCD screen damage, if not open it may be other devices damage. (Long press the OK button to turn on the pump manually, the default working time is 20 seconds)

Watering schedule not implemented

  1. Just reset the watering schedule, HOW LONG→HOW OFTEN, taking care not to set the delay parameter.
  2. When the page shows that the battery is low, the pump enters a low battery protection state and cannot work, it is recommended to use USB power or replace the alkaline battery with a new one.
  3. When the appliance is powered down and then powered up again, the watering schedule will revert to the default values and the watering schedule will need to be reset.
  4. Check if there is a shortage of water in the water inlet bucket, the pump stops working when there is a shortage of water.


Water inlet leak

  1. Tightening of joints.
  2. Replace the fitting with one that meets the thread specification.

Traffic can't be counted

When connecting it is best not to connect directly to the tap, a section of pipe is needed at the front to buffer the transition.

Flow meter no longer counts

Power down the battery and power up again.

Page data loss

  1. On the total, AVG, and single water display pages, a long press of the button will clear the data.
  2. After re-powering, the data will be restored to the default factory values.

How can I be notified if you ever offer any discounts or sale?

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Can I get a copy of my invoice?

Yes, you can leave your message to us on your order platform, or drop us an email at support@rainpointonline.com, or call us directly at 1-833-381-5659.

Payment could not be processed at checkout?

If your payment details are not accepted at the checkout please contact your bank first to ensure there are no holds on your credit or debit card.

If you are attempting to use PayPal, AfterPay, Sezzle or another form of payment, please contact them directly.

Can I purchase Rainpoint products in retail stores?

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