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RainPoint irrigation products have gradually upgraded from manual irrigation to programmable-schedule irrigation and now step into loT applications.

The Smart+ garden irrigation system enables environmental monitoring and customized schedules via the mobile APP. lt combines loT communication technology with independent algorithms to improve the product's communication efficiency and response speed, which also creates a "device replacement" function that synchronizes historical data to a new device, making it easy to change machines with a single click.

The multiple combinations of irrigation ontrollers and sensors allow for delayed irrigation on rainy days through data analysis, automaticaly turning on/off irrigation schedules through soil sensor temperature and humidity values, and volume irrigation according to the water demand of different areas. RainPoint aims to simplify garden watering by rationally using every drop of water, providing more possibilities for life.

sprinkler timer

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The product description is as follows

Smart Irrigation Display Hub

RainPoint Smart Irrgation Display Hub

The garden control hub is the core of the whole smart+ garden system.After onnectina the Homgar smart app through the can check the data and wa-tering schedules of the connected water timers and sensors anywhere, anytime, which forms a complete ecosystem with al the sub-devices.

With the data and information shown on the hub, you can check the weather, the next garden waterina schedule, soil humidity, and the garden temperature and humidity, You may also operate the watering system by the buttons on the hub. such as turning on setting rain delay mode. More detailed information and interactive settings can be viewed and set through the phone app.

RainPoint Smart 1-Zone Water Timer

RainPoint Smart + 1-Zone Water Timer
Model No: HTV113

You don't have to worry about your garden watering anymore after using a Smart+ One-zone Water Timer! Garden irrigation will be much easier and moreinnovative when managing your garden water supply by water usage or wa-tering time. After being paired with the soil sensor, the timer can even control the water automatically, depending on the soil moisture.

RainPoint Smart + 2-Zone Water Timer
Model No: HTV213

Having a massive garden with more than one irrigation area? Both the front yard and backyard need water? Rainpoint Smart+ 2-zone Wifi Water Timer will be perfect for meeting your needs! With two independent outlets, it can work for two separate areas to run the watering plan according to the schedule.

RainPoint Smart 2-Zone Water Timer
SRainPoint mart Soil & Moisture Sensor

RainPoint Smart + Soil& Moisture Sensor
Model No: HCS021

All watering aims to ensure enough water in the soil near the plant to absorb. The smart system can provide fast and accurate feedback on soil temperature and moisture, helping the system determine when the vege-tation is thirsty or overwet to turn on or off the water supply. To better learn about your garden, you can also see the history of soil data changesthrough the history statistics chart.

RainPoint Smart + Water Flow Meter
Model No: HCS008

Track your real-time water data wherever you are through a phone APP! Find your water running time, flow rate, and usage on the APP parameter page. lt is also available to review the water usage history as a bar graph.

RainPoint Smart Water Flow Meter
RainPoint Smart High Precision Rain Sensor

RainPoint Smart + High PrecisionRain Sensor
Model No: HCS012

The smart high-precision rain sensor can collect the rain data and analyze it as a graph on the APP. Professional rainfall data monitoring is accurate to 0.1 mm, and the APP displays rainfall information and history to make it clear to control.

RainPoint Smart + Pool Thermometer
Model No: HCS528+HCS015

Preparing for a pool party in the hot summer but struggling to know the pool water temperature? This pool temperature sensor is the perfect solu-tion! Throw it directly into the water, and you can track the water tempera-ture at any time on the display or phone APP.

RainPoint Smart Pool Thermometer
RainPoint Smart Outdoor Air Humidity Sensor

RainPoint Smart + OutdoorAir Humidity Sensor
Model No: HCS014

A specialized product for detecting outdoor temperature and humidity.Accurate data monitoring and fast data feedback. Simple and easy view-ing data through the APP and keep your family always having a proper judgment on the outdoor environment.

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RainPoint is committed to saving water,but more than water saving! 0ur mission is to create more water-efficient gardening tools for gardeners, helping to save water
while creating more possibilities to simplify your gardening efforts.

RainPoint More Than Water Saving