connection issue

How can I connect my pump with the app?

For this is a wifi version water pump, you can control the pump and check for the statue of it remotely. Please check below steps about connect your water pump with the app.

1. Please log in your RainPoint APP and tap the + button on the top of the righ on Home page.
2. choose smart irrigation and choose wifi water timer with pump.
3. type in your 2.4G wifi name and password to needed balnks and tap next.
4. powered the wifi water pump by the USB cable (very important: for connection, you must use the USB cable for power supply).
5. press and hold and wigi button for around 3-5 seconds and release until you check it is flash rapidly and confirm on app that indicator rapidly blink.
6. waiting for app to search the pump and add it successfully.
It is very important that you use the USB cable for power supply when doing connection and remote control. Batteries cannot offer enough current for connection.

I am unable to get the pump connected with app following the instruction.Would you please help?

For the connection, would you please allow me to confirm few details?
1. Do you use the USB cable to do electronic supplying while connection?
Please make sure you use the USB cable to do power supplying. Batteries cannot supply enough current for connection.
2. Is the wifi button keep flash rapidly the moment you connect the USB cable?
If yes, please try to press the water button or wifi button to twice for more than twice to makre sure the rapidly flash is gone. Then you can press and hold the wifi button again to get rapidly falshing for connection.
Pleae have another try and let know if it works. If not, please email to service@rainpointus.com for further support.

Program and setting issue

I connect the pump with app. How to set for the plans for my plants?

After the connection the pump with app, please tap the pump on the Home page to enter the the pump page. After you enter the pump page, you can click the How Often and How Long to set up your plans. Then you can click the auto run to start to run for the plans you set.
Once your plan is set, the pump will run auto accroding to the schedule. 

Can I manual run for an irrigation?

Of course you can run an auto irrigation.
There are two ways for you to do manual irrigation.
1. you can press the water button on the pump to turn on the pump for manual irrigation. But for this method, you are unable to set for the time about manual irrigation.
2. please log in your RainPoint app and tap the pump to enter pump page. You can slick the Switch button to switch to manual watering page. Then you can set for manual irrigation time and turn on the pump.

My pump shows offline when I am out of my home.

Sorry for the bother. If you need to remote control your pump, please make sure you use the USB cable to do power supply before you leave your house. USB cable power supply can offer stable and strong current.

Button issue

The button on the timer got stuck and I cannot set my timer.

Sorry for the bother. We found out the reason of this issue is that the welding issue. We asked our technical to try another way about welding and it works great. We have applied it to all items. Please contact customer service team to replace for a new one.

leaking issue

My pump will auto transfer water from my barral to my plants even it is not working.

Sorry for the inconvneience. To solve this issue, would you please check for your installation first? Incorrect installation is easily cause siphon issue. You can check below for the wrong and right installation.

It is very important that you need to put the pump a bit higher than your water. It is a simple way to prevent siphon. But do not put it too high please. If you put the pump or plants too high, it is hard for the pump to pump water up.

Water pressure issue

The pump pressure is too low. It can not water all my pot plants.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Normally, this is a watering drip pump. It cannot spray the water out as a timer. It transfer water drop by drop to your pot plants. We do mentioned about that stronger pump pressure is needed for part of our clients. So we are testing for new kits and new chips to make a stronger pressure version. The new item will be launched soon. 

There is no water comes out from the pump.

To better analyse your issue, would you please put your hand close to the pump inlet and check if there is any power to try to pump things in? If yes, please check if you put the pump and plants too higher (suggestion heigh is no higher than the water 2.5 meters). Or please try to shorten the hose (suggestin length is shorten than 10 meter in total). Moreover, please install the filter on. Otherwise, the pump might stuck by particles inside.
If the issue cannot be solved, would you please shot a short video to show it and send to service@rainpointus.com for further support.

Battery unit issue

When I use batteries to do power supply, my plans are gone.

Normally. We suggest to use USB cable to do power supply. USB cable power supply can offer stable and strong current. Batteries power supply is unable to do remote control. We have reported this to technical asking them to improve it for further version.

My batteries drains out very fast. I need to change them very often. Is it normal?

Kindly note we only suggest to use brand new dry alkaline batteries. We do not suggest to use carbon or rechargeable batteries. Neither suggest to mix using old and new batteries. Would you please exchange batteries to brand new dry alkaline batteries and check for the batteries life span? If the problem cannot be solved even you do it as suggestion, please email to service@rainpointus.com for further support. 

APP failing issue

Every time I open the RainPoint app, it flashes back to the phone home page automatically, how can I solve it?

It could be that the Android 14 beta test system is not compatible with the old RainPoint version, please update to the newest version of the RainPoint app on Google Play.