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RainPoint Smart + Soil& Moisture Sensor Model No: HCS021- Soil Sensor Only, Must be Used with HIS019 WiFi Hub, 2.4Ghz WiFi Only

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All watering aims to ensure enough water in the soil near the plant to absorb.The smart system can provide fast and accurate feedback on soil temperatureand moisture, helping the system determine when the vegetation is thirsty oroverwet to turn on or off the water supply. To better learn about your can also see the history of soil data changes through the history statistics chart.

Requires HIS019 Hub To Activate Smart Functions


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    RainPoint Smart + Soil& Moisture Sensor Model No: HCS021
    Soil& Moisture Sensor- Requires to Connect Rainpoint WiFi Hub
    Soil& Moisture Sensor Product Description
    Smart 3-in-1 Soil Moisture/Temperature/Light Tester with Reliable Data
    Wireless Soil Moisture Sensor with WiFi Hub for Garden, Lawn, Farm, Indoor & Outdoor, APP Control
    RainPoint Smart + Soil& Moisture Sensor Model No: HCS021- Soil Sensor Only, Must be Used with HIS019 WiFi Hub, 2.4Ghz WiFi Only
    RainPoint Smart+ App

    Checking soil data history through the APP

    Smart system with App controlled

    Light Sensitive Intensity

    Automatically stop watering plants when soil is too wet

    Low power alert

    Accurate And Reliable Data

    Built-in smart sensor to improve the accuracy and reliability of measurement data. And the data is summarized into a chart so that you can quickly analyze the changes in the three values in the last 24 hours/10 days.

    Accurate and reliable data

    Scalable Intelligent Irrigation System

    A soil meter can pair with the RainPoint smart + APP series wifi water timer(Model: HTV113FRF, HTV213FRF), not with the RainPoint APP series water timer(Model: TTV103WRF, TTV203WRF), to form a smart irrigation system that sets a smart watering schedule based on the values of the soil tester, bringing smart watering to your garden.

    Scalable intelligent irrigation system

    More Powerful App Features

    Through the APP you can check the operation of the soil test kit, easily grasp everything, and share the device with your family or friends to manage your device and plants together.

    More Powerful app features

    Smart App Remote Cpntrol

    This plant moisture meter is a new upgraded model, with a more modern appearance and functional design, using RainPoint smart + APP for remote control and data viewing, more convenient than the traditional soil thermometer.

    Smart app remote cpntrol

    Moisture Temp,Sunlight In One

    Test soil moisture, temperature, and sunlight with one moisture meter. Quickly helps you to know when you need to water your plants. Control the temperature and know whether the plants are getting adequate sunlight.

    Moisture temp,sunlight in one

    Working Principle

    Working principle

    What In Box

    What in box

    Control From Anywhere

    Control from anywhere