lever Tricks to Kill Weeds with NO Toxic Chemicals

Clever Tricks to Kill Weeds with NO Toxic Chemicals

For all of us gardeners, farmers, and plant lovers, we endure a never-ending battle of weeding. We complain and we grumble; why can’t these plants be gone once and for all? Instead of looking at these pests as a pain, lets see it as an opportunity to exorcise our creative brains! How can we solve this weed problem that best fits our family, lifestyle, or the environment? Keep reading to see 3 clever solutions for weed control!

What kind of weeds do you have?

Weeds come in all shapes and sizes. You’ve got grass, dandelions, chickweed, or any other plant that you just don’t want in your garden. How about clover? Some people love clover, while other people hate it. Its all a matter of preference. So, what can we do to get rid of these involuntary weeds? The answers are surprisingly simple.

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Boiling Water

That’s right, fill your kettle up with water, bring it to a boil and simply pour the water over the weeds you want destroyed. Water is easy to come by, non-toxic, and completely safe around kids and pets. No need to worry about your pets eating up toxic material. The boiling water will zap the plant at the root, causing it to die within minutes. You can even use boiling water for ants if you find that you have too many on your property.

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Super Salt Water

Mix yourself a salty solution of salt water (heavy on the salt) and you will kill your weeds fast. Just be sure to keep the salt away from the plants you actually like. Salt is a powerful agent that will dehydrate the weeds from the inside out. While pouring salt directly on the plant could get the job done, the most efficient way to kill the weeds is to mix the salt with water. That way it can penetrate the plant at a cellular level and spread down to the roots. Say bye-bye to your weeds!

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Vinegar and Dish Soap

What a combo! Mix up some vinegar and dish soap for the ultimate “weeds be gone” concoction. Put it in a spray bottle and squirt it on the weeds you want destroyed. The vinegar will suck out the water from the weed and the dish soap will break down the outer barrier of the plant to help it deteriorate that much faster. One gallon of vinegar and 1 ounce of dish soap is the best ratio to use. You will be able to see results in about 24 hours.

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Creative thinking can lead to fun and cost-effective solutions for your problems in the garden. Using tools like boiling water, salt water, or a mixture of vinegar and dish soap are just a few simple tricks that many house wives and home owners swear by. If you need more inspiration, talk to a trusted neighbor or expert horticulturalist and they will bring the solutions you need that is perfect for your household.

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