Top 5 Indoor Plants This Winter

Top 5 Indoor Plants This Winter

Winter time is when most plants decide to take a break. They don’t grow that much; they may turn brown or lose their leaves. What’s a person to do? Are we supposed to just accept a grey and sad season without any hope?

Well, the good news is you DON’T have to give up hope. There are plenty of plants you can bring indoors for you and your family to enjoy this winter.

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“But I’ve already tried bringing plants in my home and they never look good! What gives?”

It all comes down to science. When winter rolls in, most plants aren’t very happy. They just got off of that summer high where the sun shines brighter and the humidity brings in much needed moisture. Now, they are stuck indoors with a lot of darkness and dry air. Give them some time to adjust and remember winter is the time for plants to rest, not grow. Place your green buddies where they can get the most sunlight, and avoid leaving them near drafty zones. Keep them closely clustered so they can generate more humidity and don’t forget to fertilize!

Now that you have a basic introduction about how to support your indoor plants, here are our Top 5 Picks for Indoor Plants This Winter!

 Sansevieria Laurentii

Also known as “snake plant”, this green fellow is super hardy. It is very difficult to kill and is very low maintenance. This plant is a good choice is you are new to gardening and can survive in low light conditions very easily. Snake Plant comes from a dry climate and is drought tolerant so if it happens to be in a room where the heater is strong, it will be able to hold its own.

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 The ZZ Plant

This plant is another hardy plant that can put up a good fight against adverse weather. While it won’t necessarily thrive in winter conditions, its not going to succumb to harsher conditions. Like the Sansevieria Laurentii, it is drought tolerant. In fact, it’s much like a cactus (but without the needles) and can handle infrequent watering. Its dainty waxy leaves make it appealing for small spaces and will brighten up any room in your house.

RainPoint  The ZZ Plant


This particular plant is popular for office spaces because it doesn’t need a lot of direct sunlight. Whether your office is in a business park, a sprinter van, or in your own backyard, the Pothos plant can handle diverse spaces. Plus, it will bring a lot of cheer to your coworkers.

RainPoint  Pothos


Got any nosy pets? The Haworthia is a pet safe plant that won’t send your cat or dog to the vet. While our furry friends find it fun to chew on leafy greens, some plants may give them a stomach ache and cost you a pretty penny to treat. So, grab a couple of Haworthia and you and your pets can live in harmony together. These plants don’t require much maintenance and can handle low levels of humidity. Make sure to place them near a window as they do require a little bit more sunlight than the other plants on this list.

RainPoint  Haworthia

 Eurphorbia Milii

If you don’t have any pets in your home to worry about, this plant is a great choice for delayed gratification. Also known as the “Crown of Thorns”, this plant will bloom in February, bringing a late but very rewarding surprise to your home. These plants can bloom in a variety of color like pink, red, or white and can serve as a unique Valentine’s Day present.

RainPoint  Eurphorbia Milii


If you are jazzed about getting your indoors full of plants, this top 5 list is a great place to start. Adding a little greenery to your space will help lift your mood, give you something to take care of over the long winter months, and will bring a sense of enrichment that may surprise you. I know I was!

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