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Fall Garden Planning

Fall is marching through the Northern Hemisphere and everyone is in celebration. We all love the cooling temperatures and fall colors, but with this new season comes new practices and adaptations you need to take to keep your garden thriving. Check out these tips below and spruce up your home garden with this new season!

 Know Your Region

 Depending on where you live will greatly dictate what kind of plants and watering schedules you will need for your home. If you are uncertain about what your region’s weather patterns are, look up the US Department of Agriculture and do research about your region. They’ve published a Plant Hardiness Zone Map which illustrates in great detail what kind of plants thrive per state. Furthermore, the US Department of Agriculture can provide you with all the knowledge you will ever need in terms of plant species suitable for your region, how to take care of them throughout the seasons, and other info you may need.

If you are not much into reading and you want more personable information, simply take a trip to your local nursery. The nursery knows your region’s habits better than anybody and they will be glad to help you maintain your garden’s integrity. After all, it is their job!

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 Keep the Soil Healthy

 You can go about this in two ways. Either boost your soil by buying some natural vitamins or boosted soils to spread around in your garden, or you can simply let the grounds rest. The first option is perfect for people who want to have their garden producing all year round. If you need a break, letting the grounds rest means you can clear out the soil of all vegetation. If you want to boost your soil’s recovery even more, add some compost, banana peels, or coffee grounds. This will replenish your soil quickly, and adding a layer of mulch will seal the deal.

Keep the Soil Healthy

 Install Smart Sensors for Garden Maintenance

 Most home owners have automatic sprinkler systems that maintain their watering for their lawn. These systems are great if you live in a region that doesn’t get a lot of rain. But if you do live in an area with a lot of moisture, over-watering can rot your plants and keep your garden from thriving. We recommend using the RainPoint Bluetooth Soil Sensor/Moisture Meter. 

This sensor notifies you of your soil’s moisture levels, which you can see on the unit AND on your RainPoint App. When connected to a Smart Water Timer, the Rainpoint App will delay watering if your soil’s moisture content is too high, which means you don’t have to worry about over watering anymore! That means your garden stays healthy, you don’t have to diligently track weather patterns, and you can spend more time on other hobbies and activities.

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 Fall is a wonderful season full of change and anticipation. Changes to your gardening habits don’t have to be big or extreme. Simple changes to your normal routine will carry your garden through this beautiful season, and RainPoint will be more than happy to help. Check out more of our products here!


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