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Having Trouble Watering? Get a Drip System!

Taking care of potted plants is rewarding and a lot of work. The more pots you have, the more watering you need to do, and after you’ve acquired enough plant babies to fill your house, you may notice you spend most of your free time watering. For some, this daily task of watering is a welcome relaxing ritual that helps you unwind from the day. For others (like myself) daily watering is a tedious task where I drag my feet from pot to pot. For those of you who love plants but find manual watering bothersome, allow me to introduce to you a life saver: The RainPoint IK10P Irrigation Pump Timer.

 What is the IK10P?

The IK10P is an irrigation pump timer that provides automatic watering for potted plants. This product uses a simple drip system that is easy to set up. Once you put your drip system together, the timer will automatically water all your potted plants its attached to. You can easily control how often and how long your plants get watered, and you can water up to 10 potted plants at once.

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Using a drip system is very water efficient. Up to 90% of the water used in watering your plants will reach the root system, allowing your water to go straight to the root. In fact, it is so efficient that drip systems can often be used in areas around the United States that have active water restrictions in place.

Maintenance is also easy to manage with a drip system. Since a drip system places water at the base of the plant, you don’t have to worry about your plants competing for water when they grow too large. There will be no need to restructure your drip system’s locations because the water will always be able to penetrate the roots.


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What plants do well with a drip system?

Good news, drip systems are perfect for all kinds of plants. The IK10P in particular is designed for a smaller home environment, so think about the plants you would normally have in your home. Anything from Snake Plants, Peace Lilies, Fiddle Leaf Figs, and other indoor plants would be so happy to adapt to a drip system.


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Why do I even need a drip system?

If you still aren’t sure if drip systems are right for you, just think of how easy it will be to take care of them while you are out of the house. Whether you are on a short business trip or you and your family decide to go on vacation, you can set up the drip system to water when ever you want. Perhaps you got super sick and you are too weak to get up and water your plants? No need to call your neighbor or a friend! You’ve already got your drip system set up so you can focus on getting better!


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To wrap it all up, having a drip system in your home will allow you to keep all your indoor plants green and happy. Having a drip system will save you lots of money by using water efficiently, and you can have automated watering that will keep going whether you are home or out and about.

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