Popular Christmas Plants to Brighten Up Your Home

Popular Christmas Plants to Brighten Up Your Home

Looking for a little greenery to add to the Christmas spirit? Thankfully, there are a ton of plants you can use to spruce up your home. From traditional plants to new and fresh, your Christmas parties will be the talk of the town when you add these tried-and-true plants to liven up the party.

 Christmas Tree

Obviously, we all have got to get a Christmas tree. Whether it’s the real deal or a reliable plastic tree you keep in the attic, bringing this gentle green giant into your living area will bring inspiration and beauty into your home. Honestly, who doesn’t love the smell of Christmas trees?

If you do decide to get a real Christmas tree, be sure to stay on top of watering so it won’t dry out. A dry try can be a fire hazard if you aren’t using safe Christmas lights. Not to put a damper on the party of course, just a friendly reminder to water your tree at the end of the day to keep the party going.

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Poinsettias are a reliable plant that often times takes center stage this time of year. Not to mention they have interesting facts: did you know that poinsettias originate from Mexico? Or did you know that the beautiful red you see on this plant isn’t the flower? It’s actually the leaves!

This plant has large, vibrant red leaves that thrives in bright and indirect light. Be sure to water it whenever the top soil feels a little dry and make sure it doesn’t get too cold. If the temperature drops below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, it could potentially drop its leaves.

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Most people won’t think of Rosemary when you ask, “what plant screams Christmas”. But hear me out! Grab yourself a bunch of Rosemary sprigs along with a slice of lemon and fill a pot of boiling water and add the ingredients. Stir them together and let the aroma fill your home.

Ancient peoples who had access to Rosemary believed that this plant helped improve memory. Whether or not this is true, you can use this plant as a reminder to soak up all the memories you and your family will make this season.

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This playful plant is famous for inspiring loved ones to come together and SMOOCH! The tradition of kissing under the mistletoe started in Europe in the Renaissance era. Loved ones would stand under the plant and count the berries. Then they would give one kiss per berry. Once all the berries were gone, so were the kisses!

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This little plant is an excellent choice if you need subtle decorations to spruce up a center piece or a wreath. The little red berries and pointed leaves are a common motif in the Christmas season and is very easy to work with. You also have the added bonus of not worrying about your pets snacking on this little plant. The natural pointed leaves deter animals from wanting to snack on the berries, so be sure not to clip off the leaves!

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