The Best Support for Summer Irrigation

The Best Support for Summer Irrigation

Summer can be a hectic time for home gardeners. Greenery can always relax the mind and body, providing shade for the hot summer days, but the heat also quickly dries them out and wilts plants, so it also requires a lot of time to take care of them.

 Here's a fantastic series of products that can help you save water while keeping your garden healthy in hot summer.

 1、Weather Assistant - Homgar HW388 Weather Station Gateway

Homgar WiFi weather station combines the functions of a traditional weather station and a data distribution center. As a weather station, it can connect to the network to get the weather forecast data of the day, including rainfall probability, time, and calendar data, and display them through graphic icons. The built-in barometer can independently monitor the indoor air pressure value. You can also track the weather conditions based on the data to help you determine whether more or less watering is needed to give the plants the most suitable water replenishment.

While as a data distribution center, HW388 can be compatible with all the Homgar products, such as indoor thermometer and hygrometer, soil sensor, water timer, etc. The sensor will collect and upload the data to the hub, and their interconnection will significantly improve your efficiency and create an ideal smart garden for you.

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2、Water Saving Manager - Homgar Water Timer

Homgar water timer has a comprehensive upgrade of the smart controlling system, which can handle your garden anytime and anywhere by connecting your cell phone. You only need to set the watering plan on the APP to irrigate automatically. Free your hand while enjoying the joy of summer gardening while freeing your hands.

At the same time, the water timer has a built-in flow meter that allows real-time water consumption tracking and historical water usage monitoring on the APP to help you make better watering decisions and save water.

With multiple outlet timers to meet your personalized garden needs, you can set watering times and consumption independently on the same timer to make sure each plant gets the right amount of water to withstand the summer heat.

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3、Air Detection - Indoor/Outdoor Temperature and Humidity Monitor

Homgar indoor/outdoor thermo-hygrometer can help you know more about the state of the air and help you avoid the heat from affecting your garden. You can monitor the environment in real-time on the APP or the HW388 gateway's screen with an outdoor or indoor thermo-hygrometer to determine whether you need water to lower the temperature in your garden or greenhouse. With Homgar indoor/outdoor thermo-hygrometer, your summer gardening will be much easier!

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4、Soil Monitoring--WiFi Soil Moisture Sensor

Homgar soil sensor, coming with three probes, uses area moisture content detection technology to improve the accuracy of detecting and analyzing soil moisture and temperature. The feedback data on the APP can help you make the correct water adjustment in time.

It is also compatible with the water timer, so you can set the "stop watering moisture level" on the app and stop irrigation automatically when the soil moisture reaches the line to avoid over-watering.

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Homgar series can work for many scenarios by combining and integrating different products. You can DIY your garden according to the actual needs and assist in garden management through smart monitoring and feedback to get away from the heat while ensuring that plants have sufficient water in the hot summer.

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