Ways to keep your garden green in hot summer

Ways to Keep Your Garden Green in the Hot Summer

 For the past two months, high temperatures have persisted across much of the United States. The National Weather Service issued a heat advisory (NWS, 2022) on July 17 that dangerous high temperatures are possible across the plains in the coming days, with record high temperatures from the North Central Plains to Texas. At the same time, strong thunderstorms are expected in the northern United States over the next few days. Locally heavy rains and flash flooding are possible in the East and Four Corners regions.

Soaring temperatures and highly radioactive weather will lead to some injuries and also impact plant growth. High temperatures can inhibit photosynthesis in plants, reducing sugar accumulation while consuming more nutrients and reducing plant yield and quality. The continued burning sunshine may expedite plants' and lawn's transpiration, disrupting plant water balance and causing plant wilting.

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 Here are simple solutions from Rainpoint on how to help plants withstand the summer heat and keep the garden vibrant.

 1、Replenish plant water in time

 At high temperatures, transpiration always proceeds quickly, so we must provide sufficient water in time to ensure the expected growth of plants. It recommends increasing the frequency of plant watering at high-temperature and avoiding the high-temp period during the day. The most suitable watering period in summer is the time before 10:00 am or after 4:00 pm.

 The Rainpoint TTV102B Bluetooth Smart Sprinkler Timer has an extra-long connection distance of 60 meters. You only need to connect the paired timer with Bluetooth and then easily set the watering schedule in the APP to meet specific lawn or garden needs. You can also view the watering history on the APP to monitor the water usage and schedule execution, which can effectively avoid irrigation mistakes and water wastage.

It also has a rain delay function that temporarily suspends the existing schedule for 24, 48, or 72 hours, so you do not have to worry about the plants dying from excess water because of a conflict with your irrigation schedule even when you are out and about.

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 2、Shade to prevent sunburn

 Intense sunlight exposure in summer will accelerate water evaporation from plants. Proper shade is needed for plants that do not tolerate heat and drought to reduce the adverse effects of high temperatures. Shade nets and shelters can protect plants safely through the summer so the garden can remain green in summer.

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3、Properly prune branches and leaves

 The sunny summer is an excellent time for plant growth, while excess branches and leaves may absorb nutrients from the soil and affect normal plant growth. Therefore, it is important to prune plants correctly in summer to remove dead branches and leaves, reduce the rate of water evaporation and help ventilation, all of which help plants cool down.

RainPoint TTV102B Bluetooth Smart Sprinkler Timer is also a time-saving tool. Just tap on the phone to water automatically, saving time and workforce so you can use the extra time to prune the garden, maintaining the health of plants to make them look tidy.

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 4、Scientific fertilization

 A quicker and more effective way to address the dysfunction of plant physiology caused by high temperatures is to use quick-acting fertilizers and other fertilizers to regulate plant physiology and help plants grow again. It is worth noting that when fertilizing plants, you should also avoid the high-temperature periods of the day.

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 The high-temperature environment in summer can quickly induce many plant health problems. Proper cooling and keeping well hydrated are the most basic measures to mitigate heat damage to plants. Rainpoint can free your hands and spend more time managing your garden. Your garden can surely be safe through the hot summer days with Rainpoint's support!



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