The worries of commuters

The Worries of Commuters

So many people worry about:

“Can’t finish the work…”

“Too many things have to do for home and work…”

“It seems I haven’t had my own time for a long time…”

or “It’s so annoying to take care of my garden, I don’t wanna move…”


Do you have such anxiety that trying to work well both at work and at home? However, the result is always not what we expect, and that makes us feel so down deep inside of long-time ego depletion. The balance between work and life looks like a theme that never has the best answer.

We have to keep focusing and devote ourselves to work as all the things are moving forward so fast. After work, we only want to relax and spend our own time to what we want. When you find your garden loses vitality because of neglecting to take care, and you don’t want to move your body there, that feels so bad. At this time, if you don't want to spend too much time watering the garden and don't want to waste money finding some workers for help, a “smart watering expert” may be a good choice!

Rainpoint takes care of your garden and does what you need it to do. With Rainpoint Wifi Watering System, you can customize your garden watering schedule and finish irrigating on the APP even during a coffee break at work! The system will take care of all your plants and water on time, even if you are on a long journey or business trip outside. You can easily monitor all the data on your water flow, water consumption, soil temp&moisture, and even auto-control the system based on these!

rain watering system

If you just want to manage your garden when you are staying in bed or enjoying the time with your family after work, the Rainpoint Bluetooth water timer is your best choice! It supports setting up the watering schedule and manually controls according to your needs in different scenarios, such as watering modes and frequency. 

smart sprinkler control

Devote yourself to work and enjoy your life with all your enthusiasm! Rainpoint is your best “irrigation expert” who saves your money and time. No worry about the garden anymore and spend your time on those things more important to you! Rainpoint, always takes care of your garden!

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