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RainPoint WiFi Water Tank Pump Timer, WiFi Automatic Watering System

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RainPoint WiFi Automatic Watering System For Indoor Potted Plants, DIY Drip Irrigation Kit Remotely Control Auto/Manual/Delay Watering Mode via APP, Automatic Self-Watering Irrigation System with Pump

WiFi Automatic Watering System Features Include:

Remote Control App,customize your irrigation plans with local weather, temps, humidity, sunrise/sunset or weeks.

Setting manual or delayed watering - water only as you needed. 2 power modes (battery or USB cable) - ensures long-lasting power life when used simultaneously.

Automatic watering system delivers water deep into the soil, saving 70% water compared to traditional irrigation spray. It's portable enough to hang from a bucket in your bedroom, office, balcony or garden for automatic watering of indoor plants.


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    RainPoint WiFi Water Tank Pump Timer, WiFi Automatic Watering System
    RainPoint APP
    WiFi Automatic Watering System
    Automatic Watering

    Automatic Watering

    Manual watering

    Manual watering

    Adjustable Water volume

    Water volume



    Customizable Watering Time

    Automatic irrigation, free your hands

    WiFi Automatic Watering System

    User-friendly LCD Display

    WiFi Automatic Watering System

    Demonstration Of Correct Placement

    Upgraded Anti-siphon Valve

    Never worry about the siphon effect and water leakage

    WiFi Automatic Watering System

    Precise Water Control

    Allows you to adjust the watering amount for each plant

    WiFi Automatic Watering System Family Access To One Device

    Three Types Of Connectors Forflexible Water Pipe Connections

    Practical Accessories Provide Smooth Irrigation

    Water Up To 10 Pots

    A high flow rate of 24L/H ensures even distribution of water to all plants.

    WiFi Automatic Watering System

    Low Battery Protection

    When the battery is low the pump will not turn on

    What's In The Box