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RainPoint Smart WiFi Sprinkler Timer, Hose Water Timer With WiFi Hub Socket Voice controlled Google Home And Amazon Alexa

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The TTV103WRF Smart Hose Watering Timer with Wi-Fi hub will save you water, money, and time. Connect via smartphone for maximum watering control over each zone of your lawn or garden. The timer collects online weather data to optimize water usage. Timer requires 4 AA Batteries (Not Included).

You only need one Wi-Fi hub (TWG004FRF), Pair up to four timers in a hub.

Rainpoint WiFi Signal Strength & Key Tips!


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    RainPoint WiFi Water Timer
    Wireless Watering System Valve, APP & Voice Control
    WiFi Sprinkler Timer Product Description,sprinklers on timers
    RainPoint WiFi Sprinkler Timer packing box,sprinklers on timers
    Distinction between NH and BSP threads
    sprinklers on timers
    RainPoint APP
    Smart Hose Watering Timer
    RainPoint Operating water

    Operating water pressure 0.5bar to 8bar(7-11BPSI)

    RainPoint Flow Rate

    Flow Rate 5L/Min to 35L/Min

    RainPoint Manually watering

    Manually watering from 1min to 60min

    RainPoint Irrigation frequency

    Irrigation frequency any day or everyday in one week

    App Controlled Smart Watering

    RainPoint WiFi water timer makes your faucet smart, connect timers and sensors to build a smart watering system, you can program the timer via APP anytime, anywhere, or let the smart scene set it up for you (Only supports 2.4Ghz WiFi).

    RainPoint sprinkler timer Simple APP Remote Control

    Adapt To The Weather

    By syncing with the local weather forecast, the WiFi sprinkler timer can automatically skip unnecessary watering in rainy and snowy days, or manually delay watering for 24/48/72 hours, helping you save up to 50% water.

    RainPoint sprinkler timer Smart Watering Based On Weather

    2 Manual Watering Ways

    You can temporarily water (1~60 min) by APP or the button on the WiFi water timer at any time without changing the watering schedule.

    3+2 Timed Watering Modes

    The WiFi water hose timer can set 3 separate watering plans, each plan has 2 watering modes: Irrigation mode & Mist mode, ideal for lawn watering, pool filling, greenhouse misting and patio cooling systems.

     sprinkler timer 3 Watering Plans

    Co-management with family

    Convenient Manual Watering

    Easily start manual watering without affecting watering schedule.

    Smart Hose Watering Timer Convenient Manual Watering

    Working Principle

    Smart Hose Watering Timer Working principle