Future Environmental System —— Homgar


HOMGAR app is new version of the RainPoint app for the upgraded product.

It is fully functional for android, iOS or web devices and gives you control wherever you need it, from anywhere in the world, program the timer using the app.

Indoor Monitoring

Homgar can pair with indoor thermo-hygrometers, which can timely, accurately, and comprehensively give you feedback on the current state of the indoor environment.

Garden Watering

Homgar system can integrate a one-zone or two-zone irrigation timing valve to control your garden water supply through the APP anytime, anywhere!

Greenhouse Cultivation

Combining the water flow meter, soil sensor, and thermo- hygrometer to build a greenhouse cultivation system.According to environmental conditions to ensure the quality of crops.

Homgar smart home series

Higher Configuration and more functions. Fully meet your Garden and Home demands.

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DIY packages

Match yourself with the Homgar package that best suits your needs and let Homgar change your life.

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