connection issue

How should connect this sensor with my timer?

Please follow below steps .

1. remove the battery cover
2. install in brand new alkaline batteries
3. you can check green LED light if the sensor power well.
4. long press the black button the back of the sensor (beside the battery unit)
5. You can check red LED light on
6. turn on the sensor button on APP sensor page and do not let go the sensor black button
7. Once the sensore connected with timer, the button turns green on the app sensor page
8. you can insert the sensor into soil. The distance from timer and sensor should be less than 30 meters.

Here is the connection video on youtube
Please connect the soil sensor with your timer and check for moisture data.

My sensor keep losing connection with my timer and I have to reset it every time it lose connection.

We are so sorry for the inconvenience it caused to you. Would you please allow me to confirm few information which help to analyse your issue?
1. the suggestion distance between sensor and timer is less than 30 meters without any trees, bushed, or walls between them.
2. All batteries inside snesor are brand new alkaline batteries. We do not suggest to use carbon or rechargable batteries. Neither suggest to mixed use old and new batteries.
3.Check battery unit if it is rusty.
If all above information are good, and the offline issue keep happen constantly, please email to for further support.

Battery unit issue

My batteries drains out very fast. I need to change them very often. Is it normal?

Kindly note we only suggest to use brand new dry alkaline batteries. We do not suggest to use carbon or rechargeable batteries. Neither suggest to mix using old and new batteries. Would you please exchange batteries to brand new dry alkaline batteries and check for the batteries life span? If the problem cannot be solved even you do it as suggestion, please email to for further support.