Why do only a few plants germinate and then wither quickly?

Buying the right seeds is very important. For best results, purchase seeds from a reliable manufacturer and avoid purchasing seeds that are not suitable for hydroponic equipment. Make sure to use the correct ratio of nutrient solution and water. Use the lights properly and keep the light panels 1-2 inches from the top of the plants. Make sure to use the grow dome correctly as directed in the instructions. Keep them in an environment between 15 - 30° C (59° F - 86° F).

Why is the water pump making noise?

When the pump is used for the first time, the noise may be caused by air blockage in the pump. This can be resolved by letting the pump run continuously for 3 to 5 minutes or by restarting it a few times. When the water volume is below 2L, add more water to 4L-5L, and the water pump will return to silence. Remove the filter cover of the water pump and make sure nothing is stuck inside.

Can Sponges Be Reused?

If you pluck out the stems of the plants, they can be reused, but we don't recommend this as it's not as good as the first time you use it. You can buy extra planting sponges from our shop.

Does it kill the plant to remove it from a sponge?

Usually not, but it's best to wait until the plants are strong enough to survive.

Can I remove the plant from the water tank and plant it in a pot?

It is best to wait until it grows vigorously and is fully mature before transplanting it with the sponge to increase the survival rate.

Why don't the seeds germinate?

May be affected by temperature. Try planting it in soil to rule out the possibility of a problem with the seeds.

Why plants don't bloom or set fruit?

To ensure adequate nutrients, top up the water level frequently and add liquid nutrients in the proper proportions.

Why does the sponge become moldy, and how to deal with it? How to prevent and treat mold/algae buildup?

The causes of mold may be:
Water quality and air humidity.
The quality of the seed you purchased.
How to do?
  a:Choose well-known brand seeds and remove unhealthy seeds or plants in time.
  b:BKeep the tank clean by draining and flushing the tank thoroughly, discarding any sponges that come in contact with the mold/algae.
  c:Cover empty containers that are not in use with black lids to protect the tank from light that can harbor mold and bacteria.
  d:Cover the top of the sponge with our seed pod label (not included) or cover the sponge with an opaque film such as tin.