Water issue

Why is that there is no water coming out from the timer with the faucet turning on?

Please note that the water inlet on the timer is with the “▲” sign and the water outlet is with the “▼” sign. If you have attach the hoses to the water inlet and outlet reversely, there will be no water coming out the from the timer.

Winter Storage

How do I winterize the WiFi timer and for long-term storage?

Wi-Fi timers should be stored inside, in a warm dry place, during winter months, when temperatures are consistently near/below freezing. 1. Turn off water spigot.2. Disconnect hose(s) from timer outlet(s) and disconnect timer from spigot.3. Manually activate the timer to open valve(s) to drain residual water from inside the timer. Gently blow into top inlet to clear additional remaining water, until no more water drains out.4. Manually activate the timer to close the valve(s).5. Remove the batteries and recycle or discard them. (For next watering season, fresh batteries must be used.)6. Loosely cover the inlet opening with a plastic plug, and outlet opening(s) with plastic cap(s) (available at hardware and garden stores), and/or place timer in a sealable plastic bag, to prevent bugs and other debris from entering the timer during storage.