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RainPoint 2-Zone Digital Sprinkler Timer, Hose Water Timer

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RainPoint ITV201P Sprinkler Timer, Hose Timer with 3 Individual Programs, Water Timer for Garden Hose Faucet, Programmable Automatic/Manual Irrigation System, for Specific Days or Daily Outdoor Lawn Watering. Ideal for outdoor use.Requires 2 AA batteries (Not Included).

Water Timer Features Include:

3 Separate Watering Programs
2 Watering Frequency Modes
Rain Delay Function
Easy to set and use
Large easy-to-read digital display


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    RainPoint Sprinkler Timer 2 Stations ITV201P
    Large Digital Water Timer for Garden Hose
    Hose Sprinkler Timer packing box
    with 6 Programmable Procedure, Hose Timer with Delay/Manual/Auto Irrigation Mode for Week/Specific/Daily Watering
    Distinction between NH and BSP threads
    RainPoint 2-Zone Digital Sprinkler Timer, Hose Water Timer
    RainPoint ITV201P Sprinkler Timer
    RainPoint Operating Water

    Operating Water Pressure0.5bar To 8bar (7-116PSI)

    RainPoint Flow Rate

    Flow Rate
    5L/Min To 35L/Min

    RainPoint IPX4 Waterproof

    IPX4 Waterproof

    RainPoint Each Zone Can Be Set3 lrrigation Plans Per Day

    Each Zone Can Be Set 3 irrigation Plans Per Day

    1-6 Programs Per Day

    Water timers for hoses programmable is equipped with 2 automatic timed outlets, helping you to water 2 stations for 1-6 times within a day: morning, noon,evening.Cycles easily from set clock, set watering time, how often, how long, then run program.Just set the timer and go!

    RainPoint Sprinkler Timer

    3 Switchable Automatic&Manual Modes

    This water hose timer has two timed automatic and manual watering outlets, not one manual and one timed like some other two port hose timers. You can automatically or manually control two separate watering stations with & control your sprinkler system with ease. Auto mode: 1-239 mins, manual mode: 1-479 mins.

    RainPoint Sprinkler Timer

    Upgraded Dual Zone Technology

    Designed specifically for those who love larger structures, this sprinkler timer 2 zone has a built-in premium 2 strong valve that comes with a self-cleaning function, ensure faster and smoother water flow for ZONE L and ZONE R. Improved brass swivel connector complete with screen filter and washer secures the unit onto the hose faucet.

    RainPoint Battery Cover with Seal Ring

    Battery Cover with Seal Ring

    It can effectively protect the battery against water seepage.

     RainPoint Anti-blocking, Anti-leakage

    Anti-blocking, Anti-leakage

    360-degree rotatable stainless steel water inlet filter can effectively avoid valve blockage.

    RainPoint Engineering Material Thread

    Engineering Material Thread

    Effectively avoid thread wear and water leakage, enhancing the service life of this irrigation timer.

    Three Steps Operation

    RainPoint Sprinkler Timer

    1-3 Auto Watering Frequencies

    RainPoint sprinkler timer has 3 optional watering frequencies: Specific Day Watering Mode(e.g. TUE,FRI,SAT), Regular Day Cycle Mode (every 2/3/4/5/6 days) or Daily Watering Mode (from Monday to Sunday). Can be used in garden, lawn, yard, pool and many other places, to meet your daily life sprinkler timer needs.

    RainPoint Sprinkler Timer

    Working Principle

    RainPoint Sprinkler Timer