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Baldr Technology


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    Easily Add Irrigation to , Small Lawn or Garden Areas ,Terraces and Potted Plants Using Your Hose Faucet


    Operating water pressure 0.5bar to 8bar (7-116PSI)

    Flow Rate 5L/Min to 35L/Min

    Manually watering for 10min

    Watering Duration from 1min to 3h59m

    High cost performance, small size, complete functions.

    · Rain Delay function · Manually watering

    · Next irrigation time reminder

    · Easy turn off all plans

    · Set start time function

    · Low power alert

    One key to set watering delay in rainy day.

    Rain delay option helps save water; It will pause your programmed schedule for 24, 48 or 72 hours.

    Flexible watering plan:

    An every-hour irrigation scheme, or every-day irrigation scheme can be set up.

    No more over- or under-watering, with timed and programmed watering.


    Long-Lasting Durability

    · Waterproof

    · Ultraviolet-proof

    · Corrosion-proof

    Four steps operating

    Working principle