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RainPoint 2-Zone WiFi Water Timer for Garden Hose

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RainPoint WiFi Water Timer for Garden Hose, 2-Zone Smart Sprinkler Timer, Hose Timer WiFi Irrigation Controller, Automatic Watering System for Lawns and Yard

About this item
1.Remote Control
2.Dual Programmable Zone:Set up to 6 watering schedules per zone for efficient and intelligent watering.
3.Flexible Irrigation:The wifi water timer has two watering modes
4.Rain Delay & Manual Mode:Monitor local weather conditions on the app and activate rain delay mode in rainy day to postpone your schedule for 24/48/72 hours to save water. 
5.Expandable System:Pair multiple smart sprinkler timers with the smart hub to create a smart irrigation system. 
6.Voice Control:The smart hose timer is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. 


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    RainPoint 2-Zone WiFi Water Timer for Garden Hose

    2.4G WiFi & Bluetooth

    6 Independent Plans

    3 Watering Frequencies

    Voice Control

    Rain Delay

    Manual Watering

    Normal irrigation Mode

    Continuous uninterrupted watering within one cycle.

    Interval Mode

    Delivering more water to the roots, reducing water runoff and evaporation.

    24/48/72 Hours Rain Delay

    Skip preset irrigation program.Avoid overwatering and save on water bills.

    Manual Watering

    Water at any time without disrupting the irrigation schedules.

    Long-lasting Durability

    Smart Voice Control

    With voice-activated commands, you can control the timer on and off

    Smart Irrigation System for Garden

    Working Principle