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RainPoint Smart + Water Flow Meter Model No: HCS008, Must be Used WiFi Hub, 2.4Ghz WiFi Only

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Track your real-time water data wherever you are through a phoneAPP! Find your water running time, flow rate, and usage on the APPparameter page. It is also available to review the water usage historyas a bar graph.

Requires HIS019 Hub To Activate Smart Functions


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    RainPoint Smart + Water Flow Meter Model No HCS008
    Water Flow Meter- Requires to Connect Rainpoint WiFi Hub
    Water Flow Meter Product Description
    Flow Meter for Outdoor Garden Hose Watering RV Tank Pool Filling
    NH,BSP Thread Distinction
    RainPoint Smart + Water Flow Meter Model No: HCS008, Must be Used WiFi Hub, 2.4Ghz WiFi Only
    RainPoint smart + app

    Litre and Gallon Switchable

    Low power alert

    Split type design

    History Flow data

    App Controlled

    0.001 Gallon Watering

    Knowing exactly how much water you have to work with is good information for your gardening. Watering the right amount of water to happy plants, which helps grow healthy plants that grow 49% faster with up to 99.99% higher accuracy.

    0.001 Gallon watering

    GPM/LPM Flow Tracking

    Provides real-time water flow in GPM/LPM, allowing you to quickly estimate total watering time. For example, if your pool holds 1L of water, you can estimate how long it will take to fill based on the water flow rate.

    GPM/LPM Flow tracking

    Detachable Feasy Reading

    Whether used on the nozzle sprayer/hose/faucet, it can be easily disassembled to read in seconds without making it as difficult as reading other flow meters.

    Detachable for easy reading

    Water Usage Alert

    You will get an instant app notification when this water flow meter wifi detects that you have exceeded the water consumption within the limit you set previously. A great helper to control every drop of water.

    Water usage alert

    Reduce Water Bill

    With this wifi flow meter, you can quickly check your hourly/daily/monthly water usage, estimate your water bill, and adjust your watering plans in the future.

    Reduce water bill

    Working Principle

    Working principle

    What In Box

    Control From Anywhere

    Control from anywhere