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RainPoint Smart + Sprinkler Timer WiFi Water Timer,Irrigation System Controller

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RainPoint Sprinkler Timer WiFi Water Timer, Smart Wireless Hose Faucet Timer for Garden, Irrigation System Controller, APP Remote Control via 2.4Ghz WiF

Irrigation Plan(per day):6
Watering Method:Irrigation mode or Interval mode
Watering duration:1min-12h
Watering Frequency:every 1-30 days, any days from Monday to Sunday
Manual Watering:1min-12h
Power:4* AA batteries (Not included)
Applied APp:RainPoint Smart+

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    RAINPOINT Sprinkler Timer WiFi Water Timer

    Auto watering

    History water data

    Two irrigation

    Rain delay function

    customize irrigation

    Complete Remote Control

    Easily connect the smart sprinkler timer to RainPoint APP via 2.4 GHz WiFi or Bluetooth (Up to 60 meters), then you can manage your watering schedule via your phone APP at any time.

    Smart Hose Faucet Timer

    Extended irrigation System

    Support to connect up to 9 wifi water timers to one gateway to building your home irrigation system to meet your watering needs in a different area. Easy to manage, you can view the watering history of all timers including start time, duration, and end time on the RainPoint APP.

    Automatic Irrigation System Controller for Yard Watering

    Flexible Watering Program

    The wifi hose timer can set 20 separate watering programs with customized watering start times, frequencies, and duration. There are also two irrigation modes to choose from, Irrigation & Interval mode, to meet the watering needs of different plants.

    Smart Watering

    With rain delay mode in the wifi sprinkler controller that helps you conserve water.postpone your schedule for 24/48/72 hours then resume it. Using manual mode, anylawn or garden can be watered as needed, with customizable times from 1 min to 8hrs, and without interrupting your schedule.

    Smart Watering

    Wide Range of Applications

    And this smart irrigation controller has a wide range of applications and is ideal forlawn, garden, patio, greenhouse, flower beds, pool filing, and irrigation applicationsfor misting systems.

    Wide Range of Applications

    Working Principle

    lawn sprinkler