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Rainpoint Wi-Fi Water Timer for Garden Hose Switchable Bluetooth Hose Timer Control 2 Faucet Timers Outdoor with 1 Wi-Fi Hub

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    • 2 Bluetooth Water Timer with 1 Wi-Fi Hub-- The Wi-Fi hub only connect with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, it can also use for other devices. One Wi-Fi hub can control 2 sprinkler timers together. You can set every function through the smart RAINPOINT APP.
    • Wi-Fi Hose Timer Switchable Bluetooth Irrigation Timer-- When you use the Bluetooth water hose timer with Wi-Fi hub, it will be work as Wi-Fi water timer. Use as Bluetooth faucet timer without Wi-Fi hub. Two type garden hose timer for selection.
    • Super Long Connection Distances-- The Bluetooth hose timers for watering has 60 meters connection distances. The watering timer will follow and perform the preset watering schedule after application set successfully, even if the phone is out off the best connecting range or APP shows disconnected.
    • Up to Expand 4 Faucet Timers System-- If you have the Wi-Fi hub, you can expand to control 4 water hose timers outdoor. Every irrigation plan will be recorded. You can track the implementation of irrigation plans. It is convent for you to manage your garden and lawn. Welcome to the smart life.
    • Automatic Rain Delay & Flexible Watering-- You can set rain delay for 24/48/72 Hours to save water when it is raining. The watering plan will be continued after the rain delay time. Wi-Fi water timer has two schedule type for choose. Normal Schedule and Cycle & Soak help you to save your time to do whatever you want.