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RainPoint 2-Zone Smart WiFi Sprinkler Without Hub, Voice controlled Google Home And Amazon Alexa(without hub)

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    RAINPOINT WiFi Sprinkler Timer (2-Zone Timer, Without WiFi Hub)

    RAINPOINT WiFi Sprinkler Timer (2-Zone Timer, Without WiFi Hub)

    Bring Smart Watering Into Your Yard with RainPoint WiFi Sprinkler Timer

    Attach a WiFi water timer that has been successfully connected to a WiFi hub (not included) and 2.4Ghz WiFi to your outdoor faucet, you'll have a fully app-controlled garden water source. Unlike other WiFi water timers, RAINPOINT WiFi watering system will capture weather and soil data (when paired with soil sensors), automatically control timers and adjust watering levels based on field conditions such as weather, soil moisture and temperature. You can rely on RAINPOINT to water correctly and enjoy your saved time. RAINPOINT is also compatible with Alexa for voice control, allows you to enjoy hands-free watering.

    Intuitive & Simple APP UI

    Simple and elegant APP UI, specially designed for home garden managers, without redundant complex content and cumbersome page switching.

    Every function is clear and programming is easy to understand, making it an ideal gift for a gardener da

    Build A Smart Irrigation System for Your Garden!

    1 WiFi hub can be paired with 4 single WiFi sprinkler timers.

    All the Wi-Fi water timers can be controlled on the RAINPOINT APP, they communicate with each other without interfering, and can execute watering plans independently.

    1 WiFi water valve can be paired with 1 WiFi soil sensor (not included).

    Rainpoint WiFi water timer can be paired with the Rainpoint WiFi Soil Sensor (sold separately), to obtain real-time soil temperature and moisture information, achieve more accurate automatic watering.


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